Mwanamboko-Mansa (ZAMBIA) 20/01/2018. Villagers of Mwanamboko Centre in Mansa came together in numbers to work on the reconstruction of their chapel that was extensively damaged during a storm a few weeks ago. The roof was blown off, while the walls were collapsing due to the intense rains and the poor quality of the building material used in the construction. Mwanamboko village is situated 17 Km away from the parish centre. The catholic population of Mwanamboko is very committed in the reconstruction of their chapel. A substantial help came from the Salesian Missions in New Rochelle who promptly made an offer to help the works of reconstruction. The community humbly appreciated the care and concern from catholics overseas.

Mwanamboko is one of the 17 centres of St James Parish and its population is currently nearly 120 families, and keep growing every year.



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