History of ZMB Vice Province

The First Missionaries

On 12th October 1982, the first Salesians arrived in Zambia under the leadership of Fr. Casmir Cichecki.  They were: Fr. Joseph Bem, Fr. John Bernas, Fr. Peter Boryczka, Fr. Paul Dziatkiewicz, Fr. Tadeusz Molendowski, Fr. Stanislaw Juszczyk, Fr. Eugene Szmyt, Fr. Henry Sak, Fr. Louis Karczewski, Fr. Joseph Ojczyk and Stanislaw Jagodzinski, a seminarian.

The first Canonically erected Salesian houses were: Luwingu, Chingola and Kayembe.  These presences belonged to Warsaw Province and Zambia was decreed a Delegation.  Fr. Casmir Cichecki became the first Delegate for Zambian Missions.

The Memorable Events

In 1984, the second group of Salesains from Poland arrived and in 1985 two more groups of Salesians came.  The works got expanded and the growth in Zambia was very evident.  In 1988, Lusaka welcomed the Rector Major Egidio Vigano.  In the same year, the book (3 volumes) about the life of St. John Bosco was published.  A regular aspirantate for the candidates to Salesian Congregation was   started in Bauleni. In 1995, the Salesian Mission was extended to Zimbabwe and Malawi . Fr. Bruno Zamberlan was the first Salesian to reach Zimbabwe. Fr. Leszek Aksamit, Fr. Paul Dziatkiewicz and Fr. Stan Jagodzinski were the first Salesians to reach Malawi. In 1998, Salesian Charism was welcomed in  Namibia; Fr. Thomas Chenginiyaden and Fr. Thomas Grzegorzewski were the first ones to work in Namibia.

The First of the First

On the 1st January 1989, the first Zambian Salesian, BRO. SZLVESTER MAKUMBA made his first religious profession in Lesotho.  In January 1989, the first group of the Salesian Cooperators made their promises in Nsakaluba.  In 1990, the first Salesian priestly ordinations of Fr. Peter Goydalski in Nsakaluba and Fr. Joseph Skowron in Luwingu took place.  On 26th April 1998, the first Zambian Salesian Priest, Fr. Clement Mulenga was ordained in Luwingu.

In 1999, ZMB became the Vice Province and the journey is continuing till now.

Superior Delegates of ZMB

Fr. Casmir Cichecki 1982 – 1990
Fr. Peter Boryczka 1990 – 1999

Superiors of ZMB

Fr. Casmir Socha
1999 – 2004
Fr. Joseph Czerwinski 2005 – 2010
Fr. George Chalissery 2011 – 2016
Fr. Christopher Rychciksince 2017

Salesian Presences in ZMB

  • Zambia - 8 Presences
  • Malawi - 2 Presences
  • Zimbabwe - 2 Presences
  • Namibia - 1 Presence
  • Zambia – 8 Presences
  • Malawi – 2 Presences
  • Zimbabwe – 2 Presences
  • Namibia – 1 Presence