Planning and Development Commission


Administration, if it can really be qualified Salesian, will have all the typical Salesian characteristics. Our Constitution tells us that “under the inspiration of God, Don Bosco lived and handed on to us an original style of life and action: the Salesian spirit” (C.10)

This style is to be reflected in our administration as well. To have an administration having all the characteristics of the Salesian Spirit and fully at the service of helping Salesians and collaborators to become Signs and Bearers of God’s love for the young – a paradigm shift in the style of administration has to take place. This means that our style of administration will depend to a great extent on the realization of Salesian Spirit in the life and the action of the community. If the administration does not reflect the Salesian Spirit as embodied in the Preventive System, it will negate the efforts made by the community at all other levels.

It is in this regard thereof that the Salesians in ZMB province has the Commission that works hand in hand with the provincial economer to ensure that the various assets of the province are put to good use and that the various projects that are running in the province are meant for the service of the young for who we are called for.


Head of the Comission

Br. Walter Thyrniang SDB


Members of the Commission

  • Br. Makumba S.
  • Fr. Kim A.
  • Fr. Wzietek M.