We, the Salesians of Don Bosco of the ZMB, see the multitude of the young people who are being formed into responsible Christians and honest Citizens as the messengers for the “Kingdom of God.”

We commit ourselves to rediscover the passion and zeal of Don Bosco for the love of the young.  In a special way, we focus our Salesian mission, wherever we are, on the holistic development of the poor and the marginalized youth, especially those at risk.  We join our hands in collaboration with all those who strive for the achievement of the better societies where Christian values and principles of love, justice and peace are followed and practiced in order to reach the “Kingdom.”


Fundamental Option

We the Confreres of ZMB would like to focus and direct all our strength and energy for the implementation and development of  the following three Fundamental Options, which emerge from the most pressing challenges we face in our Vice Province at the present moment:

  1. Quality Salesians – Mystics in the Spirit

  2. Youth Ministry

  3. Prophets of Fraternity


Salesian Youth Ministry lies at the heart of our charism and therefore it is the task and obligation of each and every Salesian to offer his time, talents, potential and whole being completely for the benefit of the young people God entrusts to our care.

Priority of Fields of Action:


  1. Spiritual Formation of the Confreres
  2. Qualification of Salesians in the knowledge and skills needed for the mission
  3. The capacity to live, plan, work and celebrate life together
  4. Enabling all our presences to reach out meaningfully to Young at Risk
  5. Salesian formation of Lay Collaborators
  6. Empowering youth with our animating presence
  7. Missionary animation and involvement of Salesian Communities

Activities in different Presences

  1. Kabwe
  2. Kabwe-Makululu
  3. Kazembe
  4. Hwange
  5. Harare
  6. Lilongwe
  7. Lusaka-Bauleni
  8. Mansa
  9. Nkhotakota
  10. Rundu


  1. Chingola
  2. Kabwe
  3. Kabwe-Makululu
  4. Kazembe
  5. Hwange
  6. Harare
  7. Lilongwe
  8. Lufubu
  9. Lusaka- Bauleni
  10. Mansa
  11. Nkhotakota
  1. Chingola
  2. Hwange
  3. Lilongwe
  4. Kazembe – Carpentary
  5. Lufubu – Agricultural Center
  1. Harare
  2. Mansa
  3. Nkhotakota
  4. Chingola – Technical secondary School
  1. Kazembe
  1. Kabwe – Makululu
  1. Lusaka-Makeni – Novitiate
  2. Chingola – Pre-Novitiate
  3. Lufubu – Aspirantate
  4.  Lilongwe – Aspirantate
  5. Hwange – Aspirantate