Chawama (Lusaka) 21-25 January 2019. The Provincial Development office in Collaboration with the Zambia Association of Child and Youth Care Workers (ZACCW) organized a Training of 14 Youths to obtain Basic Qualifications in Child and Youth Care. These youths are to help young people and their peers coming to Don Bosco Youth Center Chawama and other places in various activities by Providing Psychosocial Counseling. This move was in line with the Provincial Development Office’ plan to improve service delivery in the Mission of the Province by enhancing integral development of the Young people through sports, recreation and psychosocial Support at Don Bosco Youth Center- Chawama. This answers to the survey that the Salesian’s in ZMB conducted which shows that young people have a variety of Social life and tend to be more comfortable with friends than with parents or elderly people. It is in this regard that these Youths were trained to engage into peer to peer counseling.



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