Chingola (Zambia) 23/01/2019. Don Bosco Secondary School – Just as we begin the Novena to our Father and Founder St. John Bosco and continue to reflect on the theme for ZMB 9th Provincial Chapter that calls us to Listen to the young people, the Salesian Community of Chingola are geared in the implementation of the Child Protection Policy with an ear to the young. The teachers at the institution helps the Students to understand and try to participate in the formulation of the Child Protection Policy Survey that is going on in the Province. This Policy will be a driving force through which Salesian’s in ZMB province will be guided in providing a safe environment for the Children. The goal and objective of child protection policy however is to promote, safeguard and fulfill the right of children to protection from abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect. Provision for protecting children is necessary to ensure that more children can live in a supportive and caring environment that promotes their development and the realization of their rights. Therefore, this policy applies to every member of the Salesian’s of Don Bosco and the Salesian family at large living and working in the four countries (Zambia, Namibia, Malawi and Zimbabwe), either permanently or temporarily or visiting either for long time or short period. It also applies to non-Salesian’s who participate in the Salesian works, as collaborators, fellow co-workers and to every employee working in a Salesian community or Institution.



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