On 21 September, 2016 the Rector Major during his visit in ZMB Vice Province, reached Bauleni, Lusaka-Zambia to be with the Salesian Family. He celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the Salesian Family and the Parishioners of St. Mathias Mulumba, Bauleni, Lusaka – Zambia. Being the Mass of Mary Help of Christians, during homily he gave the Salesian family a very relevant and profound message. He reflected on Mother Mary on the basis of 1. Mary, the woman 2. Mary the model of Mother 3.Mary, our Help. As members of Salesian family, It is our duty to take care of the Dignity of the women. As Mothers who took care of us from the time of our existence especially when were so fragile and weak, it is our duty to take care of the life. Help means giving hand to anyone who is in need. So, let us go out f06_112-bauleni-lusaka-zambia-with-the-salesian-family-eucharistic-celebrationand meet people who needs us. As a Salesian Family we should be able to be of help whoever needs us.

The Rector Major after celebrating this meaningful Eucharist, he addressed the Salesian Cooperators. He said that he was deeply moved to see the cooperators who had come from various places and other countries. He insisted that “our Mission is to be a Family.” “Wherever we are, whether in the Salesian presences or in our homes, our Saf06_122-bauleni-lusaka-zambia-with-the-salesian-family-eucharistic-celebrationlesian Charism won’t be different. We will be generator of life.” He insisted upon two things. 1. Being witnesses of Communion and Unity among different groups. 2. To grow in Identity and in number. As Don Bosco and Mary Mazerello would
expect from us we should hold our identity. He expressed the hope that the number would by continue growing in Africa.



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