Mansa (ZAMBIA) 9/12/2017 – CELEBRATIONS AT THE ORATORY. The feast of Mary Immaculate was a wonderful occasion to wind up the annual programme of the oratory at Don Bosco Youth Centre in Mansa. The attendance was remarkably overwhelming because on the actual feast day the number of oratorians that participated in the event was over 400. The involvement of SDBs, FMAs, Volunteers and Youth leaders made of this even a success.

The feast of the Oratory is celebrated every year on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (December 8), in memory of the first encounter of Don Bosco with Bartholomew Garelli at the sacristy of St Francis of Assissi in Turing, which Don Bosco himself reckoned to be the birthday of the works of the oratory.



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