USAKA – ZAMBIA (15/08/2019) :: FIRST PROFESSIONS OF 21 NOVICES :: On the feast of the Assumption of Mary, 21 novices made their first profession at Makeni Community accompanied by Salesians, family members and members of the Salesian Family. The big event was one of it’s kind since many years; the 21 novices come from AFM Province (1), AFC Province (5) and ZMB Province (15). The provincial of ZMB, Fr Krzystof Rychcik SDB, expressed his joy and satisfaction for the generosity and commitment of the young Salesians who pledged to live their lives up to the vows they took before the Lord, and in the presence of a significant group of members of the Salesian Family. The Novice Master, Fr Tresphord Chisanga, gave the word of thanks to God for the wonderful journey of faith he shared with the novices. He reminded the newly professed, that taking the vows of Obedience, Poverty and Chastity is not a matter of reaching a final goal in life, but the beginning of a life totally dedicated to God for the service of the young. This group of newly professed confreres is especial in many ways because they are the first batch of the Newly instituted Post-novitiate Community of ZMB. The Rector Major and his council have granted ZMB Province, the permission to begin the community of the Post-Novitiate within the province. On Monday, the newly professed will begin their Philosophical studies at St Bonaventure College in Lusaka (Zambia).



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