09/03/2019. Lusaka (Zambia) On the 9th of March, the Planning Development Office organized a talent search in Music, culture and art for the young people of Chawama and Makeni. Side by side, the event was also aimed at sensitizing the community on how best they can respect the rights of children and the Vulnerable adults in the community. This open talent search attracted most of the upcoming musicians from Chawama townships and many 2x spectators from the townships that surround the provincial house of ZMB. These young people, are endowed with a lot of talents yet they do not have a platform and guidance to the different talents they are blessed with. This event was welcomed by many of these young people and they hoped such events can be extended in their townships as well. Initially the Planning and Development office organized this event at one of the biggest Shopping Malls in Lusaka. We thank the Planning and development Office who have realized how useful music could be for these young people who have taken it as their skill and not as an entertainment.



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