15/03/2019 Lusaka (Zambia) The last Provincial council meeting for the cooperators took place at the Provincial house from 15th to 17th March 2019. During this meeting the cooperator discussed various issues among them the most important was a presentation that was made by the Provincial Superior Fr. Christopher Rychcik on the update of the provincial Chapter that was set earlier in the following month.
09/03/2019. Lusaka (Zambia) On the 9th of March, the Planning Development Office organized a talent search in Music, culture and art for the young people of Chawama and Makeni. Side by side, the event was also aimed at sensitizing the community on how best they can respect the rights of children and the Vulnerable adults in the community.
07-08/03/2019. On the 8th of March on the Celebration of the Mother’s Day, administrators from around the province met at the provincial house for their annual meetings. Among many things that where discussed where issues that are related to handling finances in the different communities that they are working in.
08/02/2019. Lusaka (Zambia) Chawama. on the 7th day of February, the regional superior for Africa – Madagascar region Don Americo Chaquisse arrived in ZMB Vice Province on his special visit in formation houses and also to see the developments taking place in the province.
On 31st January, we celebrate and give thanks for St John Bosco, our founder. Surrounded by poor young people in urban Turin in the nineteenth century, he recognized their difficulties; their need to be loved and respected; and he created an educational approach based on valuing and nurturing the young that would enable them to feel loved and to thrive.
Chawama (Lusaka) Zambia. 31/01/2019. Once again, the feast of St. John Bosco offers us an opportunity to look at our great Father, at this saint who was able to unite natural aptitudes and gifts of grace in the service of the young in a great educational work founded on the Preventive System. In Salesian Communities, in our schools and oratories, this feast is always an opportunity to rejoice, to express our gratitude to God for the charism that Don Bosco succeeded in passing on.