BQCC Training Workshop

Chawama (Lusaka) 21-25 January 2019. The Provincial Development office in Collaboration with the Zambia Association of Child and Youth Care Workers (ZACCW) organized a Training of 14 Youths to obtain Basic Qualifications in Child and Youth Care. These youths are to help young people and their peers coming to Don Bosco Youth Center Chawama and […]

Child Protection Policy – Baseline Assessment Training

A Strong child protection system is critical in ensuring that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation. Providing an environment that promotes and fosters a comprehensive and accessible child protection system is challenging and difficult. Despite all these challenges, generating good data is essential to promote evidence that tells us what […]

PDO Don Bosco Tournament 2019

In its efforts of bringing young people to the Knowledge of Don Bosco, the Planning and Development Office (PDO) in Collaboration with the Novitiate community has organized Don Bosco Tournament which will have its culmination on 2nd February as we Cerebrate the Feast of Don Bosco with the Young people. The theme for this tournament […]

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