Celebrating the Life of a Friend & Teacher

Celebrating the Life of a Friend & Teacher

Chawama (Lusaka) Zambia. 31/01/2019. Once again, the feast of St. John Bosco offers us an opportunity to look at our great Father, at this saint who was able to unite natural aptitudes and gifts of grace in the service of the young in a great educational work founded on the Preventive System. In Salesian Communities, in our schools and oratories, this feast is always an opportunity to rejoice, to express our gratitude to God for the charism that Don Bosco succeeded in passing on. At Chawama provincial house, there was an overwhelming response on the Feast of a friend and Teacher as young people from Chawama township came in big number to celebrate the life of St. John Bosco. The provincial development Office invited young people to the new oratory in their efforts to promote healthy communities through sports. The staff of Provincial house and the Provincial development office shared moments of reflection, prayer and entertainment.  


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