PDO Don Bosco Tournament 2019

In its efforts of bringing young people to the Knowledge of Don Bosco, the Planning and Development Office (PDO) in Collaboration with the Novitiate community has organized Don Bosco Tournament which will have its culmination on 2nd February as we Cerebrate the Feast of Don Bosco with the Young people. The theme for this tournament is “Safeguarding the rights of Children and Vulnerable Adults” this is in light with the recent development which the province is undertaking on the implementation of the Child Policy in all communities. On the 5th and 6th of January, a multitude of young people from various oratories frequented by the Novices come together and have games and various activities on weekends leading to the Cerebration of the Feast of our Father and Founder St. Don Bosco. The Scenery at the inauguration of the Tournament was overwhelming as plenty of young people from Makeni, John Leng, Chawama and other Surrounding areas flocked into the Novitiate for the games. We assume that these games will bring into the young people the knowledge of Don Bosco and also attract young people to God. 



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