Child Protection Policy

Planning and Development Office (PDO) in ZMB province is formulating a comprehensive Child Protection Policy and setting up a functioning system to roll out the implementation of the policy. The Aim of this intervention is to create a safe environment for young people and vulnerable people in the Salesian Centres, Schools and Parishes in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Namibia (ZMB). This is to ensure that the institutions in which Salesians of Don Bosco work become places where learners (Children and vulnerable adults) can develop in an environment that is safe and nurturing. The main activities of the process are:

  • Training of staff members on the baseline assessment tools and data collection methods.
  • Institutional baseline assessment and Safety Self-Audit
  • Drafting a Child Protection Policy for the Salesians of Don Bosco ZMB vice Province and institution policies for the Salesian Centres.
  • Capacity Building of Child Protection Personnel
  • Forming of functional Organisational Child Protection Commission and Institutional Child Protection Committees.


Specific Objectives of the Project

The project has the following specific objective;

  • Support the organisation and institutions programmatic approach for Safeguarding Children and Institutional Child Protection Policy
  • Learn best practices from and with other organisations for the promotion of child rights and protection of children
  • Development of the policy document that will be binding on all Salesians, teachers and staff in the Salesian Province of Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Namibia

The target population/Beneficiaries;

  1. The target population of this intervention are the 14 Salesian communities in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Namibia
  2. 104 Salesians of Don Bosco members, 119 teachers and skills training instructors.
  3. 2,040 (1146 boys and 894 girls) young people who are the direct beneficiaries in the targeted schools and youth centres (1343 boys and 2480 boys).

Expected Outcomes:

  1. 12 People trained on data collection tools for the baseline assessment and best practices of safe-guarding children for 2 days, (3 for Zambia, 3 for Zimbabwe, 3 for Malawi and 3 for Namibia).
  2. 14 institutional self-audits conduct in ZMB Province by November, 2018
  3. 104 Salesians of Don Bosco members, 119 teachers and skill instructors, have taken part in the baseline assessment and other general workers in the Salesian institutions
  4. Children Safe- guarding Document binding all Salesians in place.

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