Meeting and Workshop for Parish and Youth Centre Treasures

Meeting and Workshop for Parish and Youth Centre Treasures

Lusaka: 29thOctober -30thOctober 2018

Ten Treasures from Parishes and Youth Centres took part in the two day Financial and Administration Workshop at the Provincial House in Lusaka. The office of the Provincial Economer with the support of the Planning and Development Office organized this Meeting.


The Objectives of the Workshop were to:

  1. Enhance Financial Management and Operation of parishes and youth centres in line with the Salesian Mission.
  2. Improve management of Assets for Accountability, Transparency and Sustainability.
  3. Share and learn good practices from the different Salesian Parishes and Youth Centres.

The resource persons for the Workshop were Sandra Kambikambi and Walter Thyrniang the Provincial Economer and Director of the PDO. The participants shared about their respective parishes and youth centres highlighting good practices and challenges.


It was a happy coincidence to celebrate the birthday of the Fr. Provincial on the 30thof October and all the participants joined in the Holy Eucharist to pray with Fr. Christopher Rychcik and a birthday dinner around the Provincial.


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